Amy Biviano in home stretch of uphill State Representative battle

Amy Biviano at rally

For Amy Biviano, it has been a long, tiresome fight in Spokane Valley this election season. From her opponent Matt Shea’s Facebook bullying to “revelations” of Biviano’s Playboy past, few Washington state candidates running for any office have endured what Amy Biviano has. SBS-Seattle has proudly endorsed Biviano but we’d like to share this plea by Amber Waldref for all those in the 4th District of Washington to give your vote to Amy Biviano for State Representative:

The Spokesman-Review called Amy Biviano the “only level-headed candidate” and the “sensible choice” in the race for state Legislature in the 4th Legislative District. I couldn’t agree more. I’m impressed with Amy’s cooperative spirit, her financial skills and her commitment to the needs of families.

Amy has been endorsed by locals of both parties. She is ready to cooperate and get things done in Olympia, like reform the business and occupation tax. This willingness to reach across party lines stands in sharp contrast to Rep. Matt Shea’s stances on state sovereignty, which pit him against members of his own party and local law enforcement. We need a representative who can produce results instead of more conspiracy theories.

Biviano is more than just a collaborator. She is a successful certified public accountant and small-business owner. Amy has helped her clients survive this recession, and she will use her financial skills to work for us in Olympia.

I especially want to encourage women to support Amy. She is focused on priorities important to those of us with young families: improving education, ensuring public safety, and supporting reforms to help small business. Please vote Amy Biviano for state representative in the 4th District!

We could not agree more.

Please note all of SBS’s endorsements, take a look and tell us YOUR opinions.

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