Microsoft knows it sucks so it’s reorganizing itself



You know it, we know it and now Microsoft finally knows it – they need to do a LOT better. And so it goes, Microsoft is reorganizing itself.

From Seattle Times:

In a sweeping reorganization designed to further Microsoft’s transformation into a devices-and-services company, CEO Steve Ballmer today realigned the company according to function, cutting in half the number of product divisions and centralizing other services such as marketing, finance and business development.

Hardware like the XBox and Surface tablets are now under the same roof, so to speak, as is the company’s supply chain. Microsoft’s online services (think Bing, Skype and even Office) will consolidate.

Microsoft has had a long history of monopoly that afforded it unprecedented, if artificial, success. Now that the tech landscape is more competitive, the Redmond-based giant is taking a beating as consumers continue to migrate to Amazon, Google and Apple services.

Microsoft employs almost 100,000 people in the Seattle area, we are rooting for the old gal. But the company has been making some terrible decisions for the past few years -no “start” button on Windows 8, the DRM stuff and the Xbox, once the darling of the gaming industry, is making gamers run into the arms of Sony’s Playstation 4 because buyers don’t want to have to “check-in” with Xbox once a day (you read that right), prohibitions against used games and a more expensive price tag.

The most brilliant minds in town work at Microsoft. The talent is already in the organization, that talent will hopefully get a chance to shine with the reorganization.

One comment

  1. Russ Newell

    I thought Ballmer said he’d staked the whole company on Windows 8. So why is he still there? Where is the Board? This guy lucked out by being in the same Harvard dorm as Gates. But after Windows 8, how can he not be sacked?

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