Introducing… Brigitte Page

See more, right now…at “AFTER DARK”

It’s a such a special SoftBody Sweetheart debut that we decided to give it to you a bit early. Welcome, officially, Brigitte Page. Brigitte is a multi-faceted star in the making. She is so good at so many things like dancing, style and probably twerking (the shadow of Miley Cyrus looms over everything).

Brigitte is being introduced with a one-two punch (it being “Two for Tuesdays” and all) and we’re sure that she’ll keep knocking you out with her beauty as the newest SoftBody Sweetheart™ – ladies & gentlemen, Brigitte Page.

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SoftBody Sweethearts™ – Your Curvy Crush™

©2013 SoftBody Sweethearts


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