Part 1: What If Canada Was Part of the United States?

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This is the first part of two posts exploring the political consequences that would happen if Canada became part of the United States. The second part can be found here.

A note to all Canadian readers: this post was written for the intent of a good laugh, and some serious political analysis along with it. It is not meant to offend, and sincere apologies are offered if any offense at all is taken.

Now…onto the post.

Part 1: What If Canada Was Part of the United States?

It is November 2nd, 2004. Election night. Incumbent president George W. Bush is nervously watching election returns, joined by his family. Early exit polls showed him losing massively, but the actual results are far more favorable to him.

As the night goes on, Mr. Bush begins to feel more comfortable. He’s ahead in the key swing states. Florida is going for him…

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  1. Karl Peligroso

    Funny and amusing. Viewing from a 2013 lens, however, it may be a slim majority, but I dont see Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado or New Mexico remaining part of a ‘Red State America’. Taking into account what we know about voter disenfranchisement and actuated-political beliefs, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina and about 52% of Texas (the latino, african american, and educated demographics) probably would not either.

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