Shut and take the shot, Big Pharma’s new approach to vaccines

The science of vaccines is fairly solid while the business of vaccines is very suspect. Big Pharma has blanket immunity against lawsuits from We The People. They have cut-costs (adjuvants, mercurySqualene,

etc) and put out useless product for profit (ie. flu shots).

So parents, wary of the increasing number of Autism cases and other dangers, are asking questions. Many parents are rightfully hesitant to inject mystery concoctions made by corporations with zero accountability to a child’s health and a 100 percent duty to please shareholders.

How does Big Pharma stop parents from questioning scheduled vaccinations? Tell, don’t ask.

From the corporate stenographers at Fox 4 Kansas City:

After more than 40 years as a pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Wible of Children’s Mercy Hospital knows what to say to parents about immunizations.

“Jina is due for a flu vaccine today,” Dr. Wible said to Carmen Hinojos, mother of Jina.

Dr. Wible says by using language that presumes the child is going to get vaccinated, “People will hesitate to disappoint you and they’ll just go along with it.”

But even Dr. Wible is surprised by how much of a difference it makes. In a new study in the journal “Pediatrics,” doctors either made a statement like “Well, we have to do some shots.” Or they gave the parents more latitude by saying “What do you want to do about shots?” When they gave latitude, eight out of 10 parents resisted the doctor’s recommendations compared to only one in four when the doctor presumed the parents wanted vaccination.

He says over time, they’ll agree to more vaccinations.

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