Business Insider: You don’t need those silly weekends

pictured: "the Man's" ideal American worker

pictured: “the Man’s” ideal American worker

First they convinced you to give up a Columbus Day as a day off. Your reward for that was going having to work and then no longer getting holiday pay for it. We were suckers! We gave up a three-day weekend because Columbus was a douche?

Then the Fourth of July got moved around the calendar and became a “floating Holiday” for many. If a country cannot celebrate its own birthday on the actual date then nothing is sacred.

So now, the corporatainment that is Business Insider, a website we do really enjoy, is trying to get you on board to nix those silly weekends you love so much.

For many professionals it seems, Sunday is less a “day off” than it is to do similar things as you might do while “at work” but without the infrastructure and bureaucracy of being “on the job.”…

…(T)wo days is a long time to totally shut that out. After a day, it’s time to start warming back up and getting into work mode.

It seems that because you are web-surfing anyway that you mine as well just go to work. The 6-day week! How very Dickensian. Wasn’t the future supposed to be about productivity freeing us all up to pursue arts, leisure and “me” time?

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