Seattle Wi-Fi Spy Network Has NOT Been Deactivated


Paul Joseph Watson
November 14, 2013

Despite claims by the Seattle Police Department that a wi-fi mesh network which had the capability to store an individual’s last 1,000 locations via their cellphone had been deactivated in response to a privacy outcry, the network still appears to be active.

On Tuesday, the SPD announced that Police Chief Jim Pugel had given the order to deactivate the network. However, as of Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, it was still very much active.

Reddit user posted the image above of the white wi-fi hub located at 2nd & Cherry. While no one expects the SPD to remove all the boxes within 24 hours, authorities did promise to switch off the network.

That clearly hasn’t happened since, as the screenshot below shows, the wi-fi hubs are still broadcasting a signal, giving them the capability to track the location of every cellphone in the…

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