Ashton Kutcher vs Walmart – Tweet of the Week

It’s been happening ever so gradually but Ashton Kutcher has become kind of, well, awesome. Kelso Kutcher took on Walmart (that place you should NOT shop) for their low wages.

The quarter-trillion dollar company doesn’t pay their employees (sorry, “associates”) enough to afford a decent Thanksgiving dinner, makes us taxpayers subsidize these low wages, and proudly tweets that the average Walmart associate makes $25,000 per year even though it has been shown that most of their workers decidedly do not make that much. So Ashton Kutcher gave Walmart hell. So should we. Seriously, boycott Walmart already!

Check out the highlights of the Twitter battle between Ashton Kutcher and Walmart at Salon. Also, here’s video of Kutcher giving “the kids” some great advice at the Teen Choice Awards:

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