Seattle: First Thoughts

Stanton Prescott

I’ve lived in Seattle, now, for the better part of a week, which makes me an expert.  I figure this is the best time to give my first impression on the Emerald City.

  1. They LOVE Dogs!– In just one 15 minute walk with our 2 dogs down a not-so-busy street outside our apartment, at least 6 people stopped to pet our furry companions (we walked by 7 people).  Couple that with the notion that they allow dogs everywhere.  And I do mean EVERYWHERE.  I saw 3 dogs in Home Depot!  The signs in dog language, the numbering dog parks and the dog lounges mixed into the city all mix into this impression as well.
  2. They SUCK at Driving!- It’s true.  In the last four days, I’ve witnessed some of the most mind-boggling driving I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve now officially driven through 48 states (over 25,000 miles in the…

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