Paul Walker-Family Guy: the worst conspiracy theory ever

Conspiracy theories can go either way: On one hand you have Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations that proved a decade’s worth of conspiracies true and then you have the truly tin foil hat stuff.

Here’s the tin foil hat stuff: Fox’s Family Guy predicted the tragic death of actor Paul Walker.

Words cannot express how very sad the death of anyone is. When that death is a celebrity like The Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, then collective empathy is shared simultaneously. A star’s death is akin to a global day of mourning. It oftentimes seems we’re all being frivolous for caring so much about an actor’s death. It is not.

It’s actually a good thing. Millions of people are targeting their sympathies towards one entity. In a world of Black Friday riots and Tea Party selfishness, it is an amazing thing to see that humans still care about their fellow man.

But what about tragedies in the Philippines or war casualties? Here’s the truth about human nature – we are usually upset when anyone dies but none of us are often focused on just one person at one time. Most of us get a little sad when we hear our news say someone dies, even for a second. But we all get news from different sources and at different times. Someone dying in Pittsburgh is sad to most in the area upon hearing that news, if but for a moment. However, someone in Portland is not privy to that awful news.

A celebrity, especially one many of us have warm feelings towards like Walker, dies and it is ubiquitous. The sad moments are shared by millions and the good, human empathy we should have for the loss of another soul is shared. We commiserate and share on social media our memories and we have a chance to feel something in common with the millions of others who also have those shared memories. Again, this is a good thing.

It’s not a “celebrity worship” thing. It shows we are still capable of caring.

So when a conspiracy theory like the Family Guy – Paul Walker connection comes along, we just have to balk. We have discussed conspiracy theories on these very pages with the goal of having our readers do further research themselves. But claiming that the death a Family Guy (no spoiler here) character is linked to the death of a charitable Hollywood star is laughable.

See some of the “theories” for yourself:

…and don’t forget about the Family Guy, Paul Walker, NYC train derailment triangle:

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