Stay calm, only 10,000 lost their insurance

The Affordable Care Act did not, according to Fox “News” et al, lead to millions losing their subpar health insurance – the number was only 10,000. Meanwhile, 6 million Americans are newly insured, with actual health care, because of the ACA.

From Mother Jones:

The House Energy and Commerce Committee released a report examining exactly how many people will lack health insurance under the new regime. The report uses an Associated Press estimate that 4.7 million people received cancellation notices as their baseline. But out of that group, only a small sliver of Americans—just 10,000 people—who lost their 2013 coverage won’t have access to affordable insurance.

The amount of Americans who lost their health insurance (mostly the “insurance-in-name-only” plans) would not sell-out a Miley Cyrus concert.

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