It’s NOT the “Democrat Party,” it’s the “DEMOCRATIC party”

“-IC” are 2 letters that say it all when they aren’t used.

Here’s a quick tip for when you are watching cable news – if the Republican on your TV uses the term “Democrat” as an adjective (as in “The Democrat Party blah, blah, blah” or “The Democrat bill yada, yada, yada”) then that Republican is using an epithet and should NOT be taken seriously. If you notice, the Right uses “Democrat” as an adjective all the time. It is an immature slur they are doing on purpose. It’s a technique they have been using more and more since 1940.

It’s called the “DEMOCRATIC” party.

Here are some of the reasons Republicans use the adjective “Democrat”:

  • The GOP did not want Americans to believe that the Democratic Party had a monopoly on democracy.
  • Pols liked that “Democrat” sounded jarring and vaguely similar to the word “rat.”
  • It is “a minor irritation” and also “the partisan equivalent of flashing a gang sign.”
  • Conservatives believe democracy is evil (majority rule) and the US is a republic. Therefore, America cannot have a “Democratic Party” (while our Constitution does describe a republic with some democratic aspects – direct elections of Representatives and later Senators – the states directly elect their officials and can change their state constitutions via referendums and ballot initiatives – with a simple majority!)

So be on guard of those who use “Democrat,” let it be your litmus for political maturity.

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