A Seattle $15 per hour will only cost city $1 million…

…out of a $4.4 BILLION (with a “b”) city budget. This according to a rather displeased Seattle Times. Those are the numbers that are causing “outrage” by the area’s fiscal conservatives as Seattle Mayor Ed Murray pushes for a much-needed pay increase for low-wage city employees.

So lifting low-wage and seasonal workers up financially is a drop in the bucket for one of America’s most affluent cities. Seattle will literally spend almost as much improving the city government’s meet-up space as it will cost to pay a $15 per hour minimum wage.

Chill-lax, Times.


  1. Russ Newell

    Uh, your support for an increase in the minimum wage to something that might allow employees to live without food stamps is in contrast to your “proud” support of Rand Paul. The New York Times did a piece on Mr. Paul and gets into some of the history of his positions via authors, etc (for example, pro slavery & Confederacy folks might account for Paul’s thoughts that diner owners should have the right to keep blacks out). His view of ending the Federal Reserve, of course, would return the country to the history of panic and depression that the country previously went through. Of note, Andrew Jackson paid off all debts and shut down the then Federal Bank and gave the country the Panic of 1837 and subsequent depression (of course, Jackson also gave the Cherokees the Trail of Tears when you allowed the people in Georgia to boot them off their land – a “State’s Rights” issue. When you are proud of Rand Paul for doing something good it is similar to being proud of Mussolini for getting the trains to run on time.


    • Seattle & Stuff

      Rand Paul, like ALL southern conservatives, has all kinds of problems but he doesn’t have the power to be Mussolini. He does have the the influence to steer the Tea Baggers away from SOME of their worst obsessions and towards something, anything, that could be a little constructive. If we could have made Mussolini put even MORE focus on making the trains run on time, his one good trait, then maybe that would have meant less death and destruction. If we can encourage a Tea Bagger to focus MORE on civil liberties then maybe women can keep some control over their bodies.

      It’s all you can hope for from the far-right.

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