State gambling commission says senior-citizens breaking the law by playing pinochle for cash

Q13 FOX News

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SNOHOMISH, Wash. — A friendly game of pinochle landed a group of Snohomish County senior citizens in hot water.

cards1 It turns out the nickels and dimes they waged in the game violated city law and the state has threatened to pull the senior center’s gaming permit if they didn’t stop.

The state gambling commission allows ‘social card games’ at the Snohomish Senior Center, however, the city had outright banned them since 2009.

“We’re socializing is what we’re doing,” said card player Diane Huffman. “It’s no big deal I mean you win $2 or $3.”

Executive director Bob Dvorak said the center provides important outreach to a community that often finds itself alone.

“It keeps them from being isolated,” said Dvorak. ” They’re in for the nutritious meal and they have social skills; they see their friends, they see the staff.”

But last year when the center re-applied for…

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