So Rand Paul jumped the shark this week (video)

Turns out that Rand Paul is a huckster disguised as a “reasonable” tea-bagger. That’s an oxymoron. The video below shows the Senator not just calling former President Bill Clinton a “sexual predator” but also doubling down on that comment. Rand believes (not really) that Democrats should return any money raised by Clinton.

Why should Bill Clinton money get spurned? Because of Monica Lewinsky. Many of you may have to Wiki her. But she had an affair with Clinton while interning at the White House…back when people got their internet from an AOL disc they found in a newspaper.

This is a rather cynical ploy by Rand Paul – a 2016 Presidential hopeful (we say “we-hope-not”) – to deflect from the right-wing’s War on Women.

Rand, you’re a sleazebag and the apple fell very far from the tree in regards to your dad (who’s got faults but still politically superior). We defended you exactly once and now we think that even that one time you were tolerable was also just cynical triangulation.


  1. Russ Newell

    fyi on the Pauls:

  2. Russ Newell

    also fyi, I live in Alaska which has gone from a fairly liberal place (where it had been legal to have an ounce of weed in the home in the 1970’s) into a bible-thumping Koch brother loving R. Paul quoting place with the resulting trashing of the area. This last week, the Koch brothers owned oil refinery announced that they would quit refining oil as they were legally declared responsible for cleaning up a chemical spill which has polluted wells 8 miles from me and is spreading out. A commenter in the local paper stated “Way to go tax and spend types” – a summary of the consciousness of many Alaskans (fyi: the refinery pays property taxes based on assessed value as do I and every other property owner).

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