I am a Ukrainian, TOO

More media lies from the same folks who have made the Kardashians celebrities, who continue to downplay Fukushima and who promised us Saddam had WMDs. Why do you trust them?

Here we stand at the precipice of a new war – Russia versus The West. Those poor Ukrainian “protesters” just want freedom and democracy.

This is just like the “Russia invades Georgia” hoax from a few years ago…complete BULLSH!T. Putin didn’t have Russia invade Crimea, Crimea (a region autonomous from the rest of Ukraine) begged Putin to send in protection for its majority-Russian population. Here, check out this CBS News article to see for yourself. BTW, Putin went and requested authorization for this move from Parliament and not via “executive action” like Americans Presidents do.

This is not to say that Putin or Russia is good – they are homophobic and corrupt. Let’s have just a little nuisance and cognitive dissidence here.

This whole Ukrainian crisis is being sold to us Westerners falsely. The propaganda of our media (yes, we have a state-run media, too. The difference being that someone in North Korea is aware that their media is nonsense while we take seriously our Maddow’s and O’Reilly’s) says that we should root for the anti-Semitic, anti-Slavic, fascist cop killers.

Our media’s narrative begs for war. The Establishment tells us that any nation should want to join the EU. Do you remember what we used to call it when a handful of violent rogues overthrew a democratically-elected government? We used to call it a coup.

Now we call it freedom.

Take a little time to learn about Operation: Gladio, the NATO program that installed right-wing dictators in Europe despite the results of popular elections.

Also, check out these videos of the “protesters” assaulting and even kidnapping police:

Here are the “protesters” trying to light the police on fire:

Don’t let our terrible, terrible news-industrial complex lead us down another dark path.

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