5 question about Ukraine that Western media won’t answer

Russia Today, the suddenly-vilified Russian news outlet that has done more real journalism than any single American news outlet, has a bullseye on it. Especially since anchor Liz Wahl’s publicity stunt of quitting on air.

Anyway, here they ask 5 questions that America’s “outraged” media puppets will not answer about the Ukraine crisis. Here a glimpse, more in-depth at RT’s site:

  1. Why did the opposition oust Yanukovich after he conceded to their demands?
  2. Why is the coup-appointed govt replacing oligarchs linked to Yanukovich with… oligarchs?
  3. Why did the post-coup parliament strip Russian language of its regional status?
  4. Why did Kiev attack the Constitutional Court?
  5. Why would the West support the coup in Ukraine?

Here’s a bonus question – How much austerity pain will the $15 billion IMF loan cause Ukrainians?

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