Did the Seahawks slow Seattle’s housing market in February?

Seattle’s overinflated and under-supplied housing market hit the skids last month. Was it because of a lack of inventory, fleeting affordability or stingy lenders?

No, it was because of the Seahawks and their road to the Superbowl. That’s the “official” story, at least.

From the Seattle Times:

“The Seahawks’ run to the Super Bowl affected sales,” suggested J. Lennox Scott, chairman of John L. Scott Real Estate.

We have to throw the red challenge flag on that lame excuse.

Sales are down but home prices are up from last year. There simply is not enough quality out there to buy. The buyers don’t want to settle for a meh house while sellers are loving the appreciation…

…and the fundamentals that create home ownership opportunities here in Seattle and in a number of cities nationwide are crumbling.

So, sorry, Mr. Scott, don’t blame the Seahawks for Seattle’s lukewarm February. Leave the blaming-everything-on-the Hawks to 49ers fans.

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