#BanBossy – worst campaign ever says Twitter and common sense

Big up to Twitchy on this one. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Michele Obama and Beyonce are known for bossing their underlings around…but they don’t want you to call them on it. They are among the pseudo-feminists who continue to waste our time with nonsense thought control.

This time – they want to ban the calling of young girls “bossy” because, as they believe, leaders need an easy path to the top. No leader must ever face adversity or have to defend themselves, right?

File this under “First world problems.”

This isn’t your mama’s Women’s Lib movement of the 1960s. If you notice, most of today’s “feminist” causes are to defend the privilege of the connected, affluent and, usually, the white. These empowerment campaigns put more effort into making sure you do not question female members of the elite (and, transitively, the affluent men whom they marry) than fighting for – access to birth control, universal daycare, affordable colleges, universal prenatal care, quality public schools, minimum wage or anything else that lies within the realm of the poor and the brown.

Mainstream feminism today is a fight for the 1 percent’s complete dominance over your life without the inconvenience of the rest of us (male and female) complaining about it.

Twitter hates the “Ban Bossy” campaign with a passion and here’s a sampling:


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