My Encounter With A Black Bear and Cougar

Freethought Global

This was the first weekend without rain in Seattle in about a month so naturally I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and head outdoors. I decided to go for a hike, so I began researching the numerous parks nearby and I ended up choosing a place called Cougar Mountain. I won’t admit to choosing this park solely based on the possibility of encountering a cougar, but I will say that there are hundreds of parks near by, yet I chose Cougar Mountain. I fortunately did not run into a cougar but spent a good portion of my hike visualizing what would happen if I did and this is how that went…

I arrived at Cougar Mountain after driving along a windy road that seemed to be occupied with all of my House Hunters dream homes. Although it is considered part of the Issaquah Alps, Cougar Mountain was…

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