Fan makes the correct “How I Met Your Mother” finale (video)

Let’s face it, the How I Met Your Mother series finale left a LOT to be desired. Sh!t, it wasted nine years of our lives all for some BS ending. So a HIMYM superfan by the name of Ricardo J. Dylan edited together the ending that would have left us crying in joy instead of screaming in anger. Dylan’s ending is flawlessly edited and wonderfully touching. Simply pitch perfect.

Here’s more:

“This is my personal cut of the ending of how I met your mother series finale, I believe that this is more like the ending that we deserve and that through all this years have been waiting for, in my mind this is how I will personally remember the end of my favorite show, and if you like me were disappointed in how they wrapped the show up , i may have your back, watch this alternative ending 🙂

PD: I Loved the finale until the final two minutes. Carter bays & Craig Thomas Creators and writers of the show in the last 2 minutes took the freedom to destroy years of character development and history , they ruined the story they were trying to tell and in the end nobody is happy with the final result (except for a few people) , i recall the interviews and the yearbook of the first season where they stated very clear that robin was never the story that they intended to tell but that the people fell in love with the character, so then they spent 9 years building up to this amazing story and all of the sudden in the end they go back on their word and decide to screw the whole thing up, i seriously dont know what happened and i would love for them to come out and explain wtf were thinking or if they were “eating” a sandwich when they wrote this final episode.”


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