E-mail proves big corporations behind anti-$15 per hour push in Seattle

A group called OneSeattle, which pretends to be a small business advocacy group, is a loud voice against Seattle’s proposed $15 minimum wage effort. However, OneSeattle appears to be a front group for numerous large businesses and lobbying groups.

From The Stranger:

“An e-mail leaked to The Stranger today sheds light on many of the members: big businesses and their associations. The letter, which outlines efforts to involve small businesses and workers as part of their public persona, is written by a person who attended the group’s big kickoff summit today but could not be named for this post. The meeting of 70 to 100 people was led by Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce CEO Maud Daudon (the chamber’s leading membership includes Starbucks, Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, etc). In conjunction with the chamber, the group’s biggest driver is the Washington Restaurant Association, which is an affiliate of the right-leaning National Restaurant Association that represents the McDonald’s Corporation, Burger King Corporation, Yum! Brands Food, 7-11 and most other food giants in the US.”

The anti-living wage crowd likes to warn the public that a living wage would hurt small business. This, even though, the overwhelming majority of low-wage workers, two-thirds, work for big corporations. Small businesses tend to pay their employees more and fuel most of new job growth.

Small businesses also keep profits in their communities while, according to a new report from Reuters, US corporations are keeping $2 trillion in profits overseas!

An increase to $15 per hour would benefit 1 out of 4 workers in Seattle.

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