The Perfect Woman: men’s opinion vs women’s opinion (photo)

Bluebella, an English lingerie company, surveyed 1,000 people and asked them “What makes the perfect body?”

The respondents created an amalgamation of celebrity body parts. Turns out, what men find sexy is totally different than what women view as ideal. Duh!

But check it out – Men love Kim Kardashian’s DD breasts while the ladies admire Jennifer Anniston’s C-cups; the hips don’t lie either because Kelly Brooks’ child-bearing hips are what men want to hold while women envy Hermine’s child-like hips.

Women have sh!tty taste in women, never let them cast lesbian porn. Here’s the chart:

perfect female body BlueBella

One comment

  1. daniel

    Aniston’s boobs?! God how underwhelming! Even Kardashian’s are cutting it a bit short… Emma’s hips?! She’s lovely but she has pre-teen hips… SIGH WOMEN!

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