1. Vaughn Patania

    And sometimes clouds look like ponies so I guess weather is trying to brainwash us into supporting the Great Equine Agenda. Some people:a) have more time on their hands than is good for them. AND b) aren’t as sharp as they think they are.

      • Vaughn Patania

        An agenda…pushing an agenda. What agenda is that pray tell? Some see meaningless “agendas” everywhere, being foisted off on the public for some nefarious reason or other; but, never providing a coherent “why” and “who”. Disney is like any other large corporation – their only agenda is to cultivate the next generation of thoughtless consumers. Their product IS their propaganda. And, as to the “agenda” at hand – if the goal, for some hard to fathom reason is, say, early sexualization of youth, it seems to me the insertion of a disguised word (s-e-x) seems pretty thin beer compared to the tidal wave of easily obtained adult sexual material available from any number of sources, on any number of devices that are in the hands of kids. Disney can hardly compete. Worrying about the meaningless allows those in our entrenched oligarchy who really do have hurtful , anti-democratic economic and political policies (and the money power to push them) to grow and roam free in the land. They’ll end up hurting a lot more kids than the handful who might see and be impacted by “sex” written in the stars (or a disguised maybe erect phallus) in a Disney cartoon.

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