Earth Destroyed by Asteroid or “Community” cancelled


We’ll definitely be back next year. If not, it’ll be because an asteroid has destroyed all human civilization. And that’s canon.

NBC is the Grinch who stole our favorite show – Community. From Variety:

NBC has closed the book on “Community,” canceling the Sony Pictures TV comedy after five seasons of underwhelming ratings, even with the rabid fan base the show has fostered via social media.

We like to call Community “Big Bang Theory for actual geeks.” In the end, however, it was airing opposite its overrated competitor that did the students of Greendale Community College in. Much like OS X vs Windows – the worse entity keeps on winning. Big Bang totally Justin’d our JC.

We’ll miss the gang, especially Seattle local Joel McHale and Annie’s Boobs (the monkey and Annie’s actual boobs).

Greendale Human Beings, forever!

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