This is the politics right next door in Idaho (video)

Like most Washingtonians, we often forget Idaho borders us. Idaho is that weird state you only go to if all the motels in Pullman are booked during a Huskies vs Cougars game. Hey, as long as they don’t get their potatoes in our wine then them touching us is rarely a problem.

Washington embraces what we call the Affordable Care Act, legal marijuana and same-sex marriage (or as Idaho calls these – Commie Care, Beazul-bud and ‘mo marriage) and that makes us rather progressive. Idaho is a bit different.

Their politicians run on a platform of wolf-killing, baby daddies (we’re talking babies as fathers here) and having an air war against the federal government….using angels! Don’t believe us? Watch…


…oh, and that Jews, Blacks and Italians aren’t real people…

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