Felicia Clover will always be sexy

Felicia Clover big butt big boobs retires from porn

The rumors are true – Felicia Clover has retired! But don’t despair, SoftBody Sweethearts™ fans, Ms. Clover did not go away without shooting a bunch of videos for us exclusively (we’ll be releasing those soon) and sexy photos. We’ve barely scratched the surface. We wish Felicia Clover good health and good fortune.

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SoftBody Sweethearts™ – Your Curvy Crush™

©2014 SoftBody Sweethearts


  1. isaac sillo

    South America, Peru, Lima. June 01, 2014. Good day but bad news to announce retirement as the great actress Felicia Clover. I have your video produced in threesome sex doing with Angelina Castro extraordinary black actor and good body. We successes on the life of Felicia.

  2. robert

    She is so beautiful. I hope her health improves and she is happy. I think she was the prettiest women in the business.

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