Busty Kinsey, ta-tas for now (follow @sbsweethearts)

Busty Kinsey Jewish big breasts 1

The good news: It’s Busty Kinsey. The bad news: This is it….for now.

We are going away to build a more dynamic multi-media platform to give you, the 6 million SoftBody Sweethearts fans, more. That requires we step back, build the tech and produce a shit-ton of multimedia content.

And we’ll be taking our SWEET time to do this right and to do this BIG.

When we return in the coming months, the SoftBody Sweethearts™ universe will be vastly bigger.

In the meantime, there will still be new updates EVERY MONDAY and THURSDAY and more, at our TWITTER – @sbsweethearts 

TWITTER will be where ALL our latest updates, photos and more can be found!


SoftBody Sweethearts™ – Your Curvy Crush™

©2014 SoftBody Sweethearts


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