About Us


1. What is our site’s Mission Statement

“We’re a metro, geeky and socially-conscious man cave. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest’s beauties, culture and environment informs our POV.”

2. What are the SoftBody Sweethearts™?

“The SoftBody Sweethearts™ are the lovely Seattle-area women who add some beauty and sexy for all you oafs.”

3. Does the “SBS” in the SBS-Seattle.com URL stand for “SoftBody Sweethearts?”

“Sure, why not. Let’s go with that.”

4. What are this site’s views on – life, politics, health, geekdom and women?

Life – live and let live and be the light you want to see, man. This is a snark-free zone. We criticize out of love. Now stop bogarting. 

Politics – we have one simple rule: Never wake up in the morning with less rights than you had when you went to bed. These leads us to some strange bedfellows (example: we are pro-gun yet pro-choice). It’s hard to put a label on us. One minute we are angry with President Obama and the next minute we are pointing out the many holes in Tea Party logic. Left-wing, Right-wing is the same bird. We are only on the side of freedom and truth.

Health – you got one body, treat like a temple. We don’t like when Big Agriculture or Big Pharma sells toxins as healthy. We also love a good Washington wine.

Geekdom – our passion. From sci-fi movies to comic books to obscure Japanese manga, we love it all. Also, this is Seattle, so we’re all about our gadgets and tech.

Women – we love women, some of us here are women, we love beauty. SoftBody Sweethearts, celebrate real women and their curves. This is an anorexia and bulimia free zone. There are folks out there that see a beauty, sexy woman and think that it is degrading. Shame on you! The female form is beauty. Humanity is beauty. We showcase a diverse array of bodies here and they are all beautiful. Anyone who feels that sexiness is degrading, that beauty is belittling needs to learn to love themselves and their own bodies.

5. What is a “SoftBody?”

definition Soft Body (sawft bod-ee)
in computer physics, it is a field that focuses on the visually real and on physical motions that are captivating. Unlike rigid bodies, the Soft Body is soft, organic and touchable.

6. The SoftBody Sweethearts’ Mission Statement

“As a proud part of the Seattle area, the SoftBody Sweethearts™ are the Pacific Northwest’s crush-worthy tour guides and Your Curvy Crush”

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