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Rabbits aren’t the messiah of Erika Christensen

pictured: Erika Christensen (left), the Almighty (right)

pictured: Erika Christensen (left), the Almighty (right)

Erika Christensen is this blog’s patron saint. We say nothing bad about Ms. Christensen, nothing. The Seattle native and Parenthood star got our attention today for defending her religion, Scientology.

“Probably, number-one, that we’re some kind of closed group or mysterious…(two) that it’s just, like, the Hollywood religion and, number three, I would have to go with… we worship rabbits. I don’t actually know how many people think that.”

How silly would it be if there was a religion that worshipped rabbits? Anyway, let us know your plans for Easter in the comments section.

We love you, St. Erika.

Below – a video, the webseries Across the Board, of Erika Christensen and Joy Bryant paddling in bikinis because…(oh, you’re still reading this even after the word “bikinis”).

SBS endorsement of the day – Amy Biviano

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Amy Biviano – Ivy League (Yale) grad), Playboy model, congressional candidate, Washington awesomesness personified. Amy Biviano has shown courage and character. Amy Biviano is not afraid to be beautiful and sexy. Imagine what kind of butt she’ll kick in Olympia. Like Erika Christensen, Amy Biviano nee Amy Nabors is an honorary SoftBody Sweetheart ™

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Humor: Erika Christensen, our Patron Saint, among the hot Scientologist Tom Cruise should date next

(IBT) Now that the shock from the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split has somewhat subsided, many are wondering who the actor will date next. According to a National Enquirer story cited by Gawker, Cruise’s next love interest will likely be a Scientologist.

read more: Tom Cruise: Which Hot Scientologist Should He Date Next? – International Business Times.

the SBS patron saint – Erika Christensen



editor’s note: reposted from our Tumblr

Ms. Christensen is’s Patron Saint. What does that mean? It means you Screw you, that’s what that means. No, seriously, she is a Seattle native that embodies our models and our fair town. She’s the celebrity star that brightens our rainy nights. It means that when we introduce you to each new model, rather, Softbody Sweetheart, we ask ourselves does she embody that “Seattle thing?”

That “Seattle thing” is NOT just grunge and alt (the 90s are over, friend). That “thing” is ultimate femininity that comes with Seattle’s perfect mix of brains, personality and curves. That’s St. Erika, for sure and that is what our SBS models will be. We swear.

Erika bless you.