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Washington is the safest state to avoid “Bieber Fever” (map)

Justin Bieber just can’t get no love in the state of Washington. No state or province hates the girl boy more than the Evergreen State.

Estately determined this by collecting Facebook user data showing which state/province had the most users per capita that listed the Canadian pop star as an interest.

The Pacific Northwest in general has been cured of Bieber Fever with Oregon disliking the embattle pop star a close second to Washington and British Columbia being the least Bieber-friendly province in Canada.

Is rain the cure for Bieber fever?

bieber fever by state washington rhode island

Emerald City Comic Con 2014 (photos)

What happens when geeks dress up? Emerald City Comic Con 2014 is what. We had a great time at this year’s surprsingly subdued Comic Con. Check out some of the cosplay…

Emerald Citty Comic Con Seattle 2014 10

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My Encounter With A Black Bear and Cougar

Freethought Global

This was the first weekend without rain in Seattle in about a month so naturally I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and head outdoors. I decided to go for a hike, so I began researching the numerous parks nearby and I ended up choosing a place called Cougar Mountain. I won’t admit to choosing this park solely based on the possibility of encountering a cougar, but I will say that there are hundreds of parks near by, yet I chose Cougar Mountain. I fortunately did not run into a cougar but spent a good portion of my hike visualizing what would happen if I did and this is how that went…

I arrived at Cougar Mountain after driving along a windy road that seemed to be occupied with all of my House Hunters dream homes. Although it is considered part of the Issaquah Alps, Cougar Mountain was…

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San Juan Vineyards Siegerrebe

The Splendid Grape

March is Washington Wine Month, and is the perfect excuse to try different wines from all over Washington State. And what better place to start than the beautiful San Juan Islands and a bottle of San Juan Vineyards 2012 Siegerrebe.

I had never heard of Siegerrebe until I tried this wine, prompting me to find out a little more about this varietal. Siegerrebe is German and means “Victory Vine”.  The grape is grown primarily in Germany, but is also grown in a few other spots around the world, including Washington State.  It also grows well in a colder climate, making the San Juans a good spot. This grape is also very high in sugar, and is similar to the muscat grape.

san juan vineyardsThe wine was very light yellow, almost clear, with a nose of honey and citrus.  But there was more to it, I also felt like the wine smelled almost green…

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Seattle’s most cheating neighborhoods

Apparently the Seattle area is full of cheaters., the cheating website, took a look at the Emerald City and found that out of the 600,000 residents in the area – 50,306 are members of the infidelity site. When you take away the minors, the incapacitated and our unusually high (40 percent) single population – that means up to 25 percent of married age Seattle is on Ashley Madison!

So which Seattle neighborhood cheats the most? Laurelhurst – the former home of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas (just sayin’).

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Western Washington, retirement hot spot?

Moira McGarvey of the Huffington Post wrote an enlightening piece about the best places to retire. McGarvey’s advice runs counter to the myriad of conservative business sites, like Forbes and WSJ, that encourage the masses to spend their golden years in Wyoming or, yikes, North Dakota.

So here are some of the reasons you should encourage the folks, or yourself, to die in western Washington, according to McGarvey:

  • Washington has no state income tax, so your retirement job paycheck and any other income will go further.
  • The cost of living may be higher than the national average, but it’s a lot cheaper than California or East Coast cities like New York, Boston, or Washington, D.C.
  • The climate is mild, so you don’t have to spend money on air conditioning in the summer, or shovel snow in the winter.
  • A lot of entertainment is free, meaning the great outdoors is accessible and varied and the mild climate makes is available all year round.
  • The pace of life is also more laid back, even with all the caffeine in people’s systems.

And here are the best retirement towns in the state of Washington and why:

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