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SBS endorsement of the day – Gary Johnson and Jill Stein*

*but certain rules apply

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Are you voting on policies or are you voting on “who you’d like to have a beer with?” Well, Mitt Romney cannot drink beer and Barack Obama likes the weird brews so your answer should be “I’m voting for policies.” Then you should be voting for either Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. Romney and Obama are just the right-wing and the left-wing of the same bird.

It is time for real change. So SBS is endorsing not one but two candidates for President. Okay, we know, seems like a cop out. It is not, though. We are challenging those of you who typically vote for the two corporatist, warmonger globalist parties to step outside your comfort zone and the duopoly of power. We know that neither Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson nor Green Party candidate Jill Stein has a chance of winning. We are just asking you to send a message and maybe start a movement. But certain rules apply…

We are not asking you to “throw” the election for the major party candidate you are more inclined to dislike. So, if your are NOT in a swing state and are a Republican, grow a pair and vote for Gary Johnson. Same for Democrats, if your state is solidly “Blue” or “Red,” then vote for Jill Stein.

You are NOT throwing your vote away. If the Libertarian Party or the Green Party get 5 percent of the popular vote nationwide then certain bells n’ whistles happen with our federal campaign laws that could mean increased funding, equal time and maybe even debate participation for 2016. By voting for either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein in your safe states then you are planting seeds for real political diversity.

Little Abbie agrees…

John Koster and “the rape thing”

Congressional candidate John Koster is an anomaly in Seattle-area politics. He’s a Tea Party guy who might win. And as a Tea Party guy John Koster doesn’t mind forcing women to carry to term if they experience, in Koster’s words, “the rape thing.” Also, ladies, don’t worry about baring an incest child. John Koster says “it’s so rare” that it’s barely worth discussing.

Here’s the video:

Needless to say – We proudly and strongly endorse Suzan DelBene.

SBS endorsement of the day – Amy Biviano

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Amy Biviano – Ivy League (Yale) grad), Playboy model, congressional candidate, Washington awesomesness personified. Amy Biviano has shown courage and character. Amy Biviano is not afraid to be beautiful and sexy. Imagine what kind of butt she’ll kick in Olympia. Like Erika Christensen, Amy Biviano nee Amy Nabors is an honorary SoftBody Sweetheart ™

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