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Flashback: So what? WA state candidate Amy Biviano posed for Playboy

[UPDATED 7/31/2014]: Here’s the uncensored photo….

Amy Biviano aka Amy Nabors nude uncensored

Another day in Washington state politics. Apparently it is like the town in “Footloose” on the other side of the Cascades. Amy Biviano, Democratic candidate for Spokane Valley’s 4th District House of Representatives, has been “outed” for having posed for Playboy magazine’s “Women of the Ivy League” in 1995. She was a student at Yale at the time

“Outed” is a stretch of the term since Amy Biviano, nee Amy Nabors, wrote a passionate, no-apologies essay about her experience around the time the Playboy pictorial was published:

So do I believe that my future might be affected by posing for Playboy? Yes, I believe that it will. But, it has made a positive contribution to my life – I gained a sense of self-reliance which I lacked before the posing scandal. Yes, it was fun to have my five minutes of fame both on the Yale campus and on the national scene. It is a nice little boost to the ego to know that some people consider me to be attractive enough to be in Playboy. But of course I know now, and I knew when I first chose to pose, that these benefits will fade, and they will only be remembered by a few people searching through dusty archives. However, posing for Playboy has permanently changed me by making me think a little bit differently about myself – I’m now more of a risk-taker, fear social approval less, and know a bit more about what I’m capable of. I may never do something this controversial again, but it’s nice to know that I could and did.

Amy Biviano, a Sunday school teacher and business owner, is in a brutal race with Matt Shea (R-4th district) in a heavily Republican area. She trailed Shea by 20 points in the August primary.

It has been reported that Shea has posted photographs on Facebook of himself smiling outside her house and refused to remove them. The congressman has also labeled Biviano a “radical socialist.”

So when the conservative website Western Center for Journalism gleefully “exposed” Amy Biviano for her past work for what they call the “soft porno magazine” Playboy, it simply added the personal attacks on top of the idealogical slander of her opponent.

Biviano is a far from a socialist (she’s a corporatist who believes in the privatization of worker’s comp programs) and her support for abortion rights and marriage equality are the majority opinions of Washingtonians. There is nothing “radical” about her platform.

One has to ask themselves if they are willing to not vote for a candidate with whom they agree on the issues, simply because they  chose to pose nude during college. Eastern Washington is in the midst of recovering from a bad fire season and an even worse economy. Those should be the issues, not whether someone was naked in the 90s.

If you are without sin, we’d love to hear from you in the COMMENTS section. If you have a lot of sins, we’ve love to hear from you even more so.

[UPDATE]: Amy Biviano’s congressional opponent Rep. Matt Shea has “condemned” the release of Biviano’s Playboy past. A heavy emphasis of the QUOTE, UNQUOTE. Shea postures with a good old-fashioned “Have you stop beating you wife” technique full of snark and backhanded concern:

I am saddened by the release by a national media outlet of my opponent’s involvement in pornography. I strongly condemn the release of this information. Our campaign was aware of this information several months ago, and made a very determined decision to not use or disperse this information in any way, shape, or form. I specifically instructed the few members of my campaign team who knew of this situation to not disseminate this information, engage in negative, personal attack campaigning, even though my opponent had already done so. This type of negative campaigning is exactly what is wrong with politics today. While these revelations are indeed alarming, my heart goes out to Amy and her family. My wife Viktoriya and I will continue to pray for her.

With “condemnation” like that, who needs friends.

Amy Biviano, herself, released a statement expressing how there was not even an attempt by her campaign to hide her pictorial in Playboy “Women of the Ivy League” in October 1995. Biviano, like most people of the 21st century, believes that nude pictures have nothing to do with the challenges facing Washington state’s 4th district.

Seattle wants the 2024 Summer Olympics?

Sportspress Northwest reports:

The Seattle Sports Commission confirmed Wednesday that it will enter into “informal” discussions with the U.S. Olympic Committee about the possibility of the city entering the process of becoming a bid city for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

We can’t afford our road projects, let’s not spend billions on 16 days of traffic and sports people only care about once every 4 years.

Gun news: Newtown permits almost double, gun control support slides

Many politicians looked to exploit the tragedy of Newtown (Bloomberg, Feinstein we’re looking at you) and MSNBC has turned into the all-gun control, all-the-time network. Public sentiment on guns is returning to normal.

It might be time to tone down the anti-gun stuff because, according to a new CNN poll, Americans just are not that into gun control – 55 percent of Americans believe in either very little gun restriction or NO restrictions at all.

Immediately after Newtown, a slight majority preferred more gun laws. It now stands at 43 percent and sliding more and more each month. Dianne Feinstein’s “guns that look like assault weapons” ban has been taken out of the Senate’s gun bill because Majority Leader Harry Reid felt it would get 40 votes at the most.

At the epicenter of the tragedy – Newtown, CT – there has been a dramatic increase in applications for gun permits, almost double since the New Year, this according to the AP.

We cannot stress this enough – a Republican-controlled Senate would destroy this country. Imagine a permanent Sequester, war with Iran, no Post Office and an outlaw of birth control – and that’s just the first 100 days. That is what is at stake here. Guns are popular, it’s America, stay calm, deal with it. The “just one more gun control law” is as ineffective in fighting crime as the “just one more drug law” is in fighting the war on drugs. It basically alienates the voters most likely to vote in the 2014 mid-term elections in order to appease the anti-gun advocates, the folks least likely to vote in mid-terms.

Continuing on the gun-control path will lead to 4 scary words – Majority-Leader-Mitch-McConnell.

Who knew? MSNBC has less news than Fox

Deep within the bowels of the Pew Research Center and their State of the Media study is a shocking stat – MSNBC has less news than any other cable news network, even less news than Fox News. In fact, MSNBC barely has any news at all. Less than 15 percent of the network’s content is, the other 85 percent is opinion/commentary. Here’s how the big 3 cable news networks stack up:

  • CNN – 54 percent news content
  • Fox News – 45 percent news content
  • MSNBC – 15 percent news content

We are sure that the “news” that does appear on Fox is completely made up.

The Cyprus bank deposit tax crisis (video)

The European Union is demanding that the tiny nation of Cyprus confiscate up to 10 percent of the savings that its citizens have in their bank accounts. Savings that were already taxed the first time around.

The junkie always always says “just one more hit” and the con artist always says “just one more score” so combine those two and you find the corporate-controlled governments that always say “just one more tax.”

This is the world’s worst idea ever – and it’s probably coming to the US and it’s probably going to be promoted as a good thing by the party in power and their cheerleaders (MSNBC will tell you how awesome it is if President Obama does it, Fox “News” will tell you how great it is if future President Jeb Bush does it).

Felicia Clover for your St. Patrick’s Day

Kiss Felicia Clover, she’s Irish…

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Felicia Clover, SoftBody Sweetheart™

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