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Seattle is the hardest working city in the US

Ivars seagulls feeding Seattle

It really is Sleepless in Seattle according to one of the criterium that Movoto’s used when ranking its 50 hardest working cities in America.

Seattle came out on top because, well, screw sleeping, Bill Gates needs our souls (it’s what powers Windows 8). Here’s what Movoto had to say about the Seattle work ethic:

Unemployment in Seattle is incredibly low, helping make the city one of the most productive in the country.

Here are all of the factors that went into giving the Emerald City this dubious distinction:

  • Average hours worked per week
  • Unemployment rate
  • Commute time
  • Employed workers per household
  • Hours volunteered per year
  • Lack of sleep
  • Cost of living

Yay? Here’s the Top 10 hardest working sad sacks cities:

  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Arlington, TX
  3. Fort Worth, TX
  4. Austin, TX
  5. San Jose, CA
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. Dallas, TX
  8. Virginia Beach, VA
  9. Washington, D.C.
  10. Houston, TX

We’re moving to Portland so we can finally get some sleep.

Obama’s feds vs Wash marijuana dispensaries — developing

How can you tell when President  Obama is lying? His lips are moving.

When we first met Senator Obama, he was for decriminalizing marijuana, then he was elected and the federal raids on medical pot dispensaries were in full effect. Then the voters of Washington and Colorado completely legalized marijuana and the President stated that he would respect the people’s will in the two states and not go after weed.

If it’s Obama, it’s a lie. From the AP:

Federal agents have raided a number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the Puget Sound region.

Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman Jodie Underwood said Wednesday afternoon the operation was under way. She declined to immediately provide details about how many dispensaries were being targeted or how many search warrants were being executed.

Washington state legalized adult possession of up to an ounce of marijuana last fall, but marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

The targeted dispensaries include Seattle Cross, Tacoma Cross and Bayside Collective in Olympia.

Bayside employee Addy Norton said agents seized personal cell phones of dispensary workers and pot, but left computers and about $1,000 in cash. Agents told her the raid was part of a two-year investigation, and she said she was ordered to appear before a federal grand jury in Seattle in September.

More federal search warrants exist and Wednesday’s raids could be just the beginning…

Seahawks John Moffitt just can’t stop peeing on Bellevue Square mall

John Moffitt Russell Wilson tweet pee

The Seattle area used to smell like teen spirit. But now? It smells like, um, John Moffitt.

Seattle Seahawks offensive guard John Moffitt has had to plead guilty in Bellevue District Court, get a 2-year suspended sentence and pay a $1407 fine. Why? He LOVES urinating on Bellevue Square. A mall cop caught Moffitt “marking his territory” on the skybridge the links Lincoln Square and Bellevue Square malls. That was in January 2012. Bellevue informed him to stay away from the entirety of the Bellevue Square-Bellevue Place-Lincoln Square complex for a full year. But nature called and Moffitt celebrated the 6-month anniversary of his peeing on the skybridge by doing it again, this time at the Lincoln Square parking lot by the Paddy Coyne’s bar.

Moffitt was taken into custody the following August when he returned to the mall. Security nabbed him before he could even think about peeing on the property again.

WA student’s breasts too big for prom (video)

Say goodbye to these, Michael.

Say goodbye to these, Michael.

Brittany Minder, 18, of Silverdale, WA, was turned away from her prom for having breasts that were too big. Central Kitsap High School claims that Minder was in violation of the school’s dress code while Brittany says she’s a victim of large-breast discrimination.

Support GMO labeling Initiative-522…for Connecticut

Connecticut became the first state in the US to mandate the labeling of GMO foods (ie. frankenfoods). But there’s a catch – the law only takes effect when four other states do the same. California and Oregon had the chance but voters there were easier fooled by some pretty idiotic ads. So, it’s up to us here in Washington state to pass I-522, the GMO labeling ballot measure.

So don’t vote “yes” on I-522 for your own health and awareness, Washingtonians, do it for Connecticut.

Surprise! Magnuson Park has been radioactive for 4 years



In the “no-wonder-conservatives-don’t-trust-government-and-neither-should-you” department – the city of Seattle casually let it be known that Magnuson Park may give you just a little cancer and has been for four years! According to the Seattle Times:

The Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation discovered radiological contamination in Magnuson Park in 2009 and fenced off the area but did not publicly announce the problem, officials acknowledged in an unusual public meeting Wednesday night.

But don’t worry, as long as no one goes past the innocuous, dilapidated fence which children play next to everyday then everything should be fine. There are no real warnings on the fence, of course, and the public has been left in the dark for 4 years. Radiological exposure is nothing to worry about (go back to sleep).

The US Navy will spend $9 million for a “time-critical” clean-up (again, 4 years later).

A Wednesday night city meeting, according to witnesses, turned into a “shouting match” since people in Seattle hate cancer.

Magnuson Park, a former naval station, sits on federal land transferred to the city of Seattle but is still under federal jurisdiction. The radioactive material is from toxic, glow-in-the-dark paint used in World War II.

Washington State Department of Ecology site manager Ching-Pi Wang stated the that the 15 millirems of radiological material, which will lead to dozens of new cancer cases, is acceptable. The even more shocking fact is that this level of contamination is a “far lower level (of contamination) than officials are allowed to leave.” So even more radiological residue is a possibility.

You ever get the feeling this our government isn’t ours anymore?

Skagit River bridge collapse on I-5 (video)

The ongoing (and deliberate) deterioration of American’s infrastructure continues. Skagit River Bridge on I-5, collapses after being considered “functionally obsolete” since 2010.

Three drivers barely escape with their lives.

Traffic will be diverted to Routes 20, 9, 536, 538 and other detours for weeks or even months.

Wealthy Chinese buying up the Eastside with cash

This from the Seattle Times:

Eastside real-estate brokers say they’ve noticed a wave of affluent mainland-Chinese buyers for luxury homes in Medina, Clyde Hill and other millionaire rows in West Bellevue. Data and public records show they’re right. It’s part of a cash-buyer phenomenon sweeping the home market.

In the process, they are accelerating the real-estate market’s recovery, sometimes edging out other buyers with all-cash offers, and deepening ties between Seattle and China.

So thank you, future overlords.

Bill Gates is once again world’s richest person

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has regained the title World’s Richest Person after the six years of “only” being one of the richest people in the world. Windows 8 is a success, Microsoft stock is at a 5-year high and Bill is obviously saving money on quality haircuts and this is all adding up to a $72.7 billion (USD) fortune.

The former champ was Carlos Slim, the world’s biggest welfare recipient. The Mexican national’s wealth is the result of a sweetheart deal that gave him a monopoly. Slim is not particularly talented and his days among the world’s richest are coming to a close, according to Bloomberg:

Slim’s fortune has dropped more than $2 billion this year as Mexico’s Congress passed a bill to quash the market dominance of the 73-year-old billionaire’s America Movil SAB.

So local boy makes good – Seattle’s Bill Gates is the richest person in the world.

In other Seattle news: statewide budget shortfalls threaten to eliminate hundreds of bus routes throughout King County.