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SlutWalk Seattle 2013 pictures – consent is the ultimate aphrodisiac

Sexiness is NOT the crime

Our motto: “Sexiness is NOT the crime”

SlutWalk Seattle is the annual rally for a woman’s sovereignty over her body and her right to express herself however she wants – no matter what she’s wearing (or not wearing)!

Even though it’s 2013 on the calendar, it’s still the 12th century in the minds of many men…and women out there. The mantra of these American Taliban is “if she was dressed like a slut, she was asking for it.” These people are pro-rapist.

So as long as rapists and their supporters are out there, the good folks who organize Slut Walk will be fighting back. Sexiness is NOT a crime…but not getting consent is! So even if you think she’s a ho, no still means no.

The Top 5 SBS-Seattle posts of 2012

First off, we’d like to thanks the hundreds of thousands of you who have visited our fair blog since we’ve launched late last summer. This blog is both our and YOUR love letter to the Seattle area and her unique culture, her quirky ways and her beautiful inhabitants.

SBS-Seattle is especially thankful for those of you who have followed, commented and contributed as we grow daily. So, as we reflect back, here are the Top 5 posts of 2012 as determined by YOUR clicks….

Amy Villainous Velma Seattle SlutWalk 2012 SBS Seattle

from Seattle Slut Walk 2012

1. Introducing… Jennifer Brennan

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3. The raunchy, naughty protest that was Seattle SlutWalk 2012

4. Kinsey for your Tuesday

5. Too much to hold – Instagram preview 2

The raunchy, naughty protest that was Seattle SlutWalk 2012

Showing skin and being a “slut” with a purpose. Seattle’s women show that no matter how they dress, men can’t assume the right to touch.

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(SEATTLE) Sure some may think the Second Annual Seattle SlutWalk is “not their cup of tea” or even “crass” but it’s the message that matters. Every year thousand of women are sexually-assualted and those rapes are justified with the all-too-common retort of “look at how she was dressed, she was asking for it.” That time-worn mentality was the subject of protest at the Slut Walk. That and taking back the term “slut.”

The crowd was moderate due to the Seattle Seahawks’ season-opener and the the return of rain looming throughout the day. That did not stop folks from all walks of life from taking to Pioneer Square and getting lots of attention. And there were even many male allies in attendance, pulling themselves away from football and joining in.

It is no secret that recent comments from US Senate hopeful Todd Akin was on the minds of many. This is an election year that has featured new debate on women’s right from the availability of contraception to the merits of “rape as a just another form of conception.” We’re thinking there’s a culture clash.

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Seattle news bytes: Seattle SlutWalk 2012 this Sunday

Seattle’s women are fighting back against violence and primitive mindsets

(Seattle Weekly) SlutWalk Seattle will be held Sunday, Sept. 9 from 12 to 4 p.m. Attendees will meet at Occidental Park before marching north on Fourth Avenue to a rally at Westlake Center. Eight speakers, including Kshama Sawant, Josie Venture, Sera Tucker and Kat McGhee, will address the crowd.

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